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Use and maintenance of the table

When we say that our tables are "alive", it is not a metaphor, but a fact. All tabletops are made of natural wood and epoxy, so the care should be of high quality and the conditions are as comfortable as for you. The environment has a direct impact on natural materials. Greetings to all the owners of these unique tables and also to those who are thinking of buying!


Epoxy resin and direct sunlight are not best friends as prolonged exposure to direct sunlight causes the resin to fade and lose its hue.


Sudden changes in temperature should also be avoided, as wood tends to expand at high temperatures and contract at too low temperatures. Comfortable temperature for wooden products is from + 16 to + 27 degrees. Therefore it is necessary to place a table no less than 1 m from a heat source eg. radiators, fireplaces.


Wood breathes like a human being, so the moisture component is also important, to prevent the wood from drying out too much with the possibility of cracks and deformations. Optimal humidity should be between 45% and 75%.


Wood and epoxy products should be used indoors. Sure, you can take the table out to the terrace and enjoy a cup of coffee for an open-hearted conversation with your loved ones, but you don't have to leave the table outside for too long. Direct sunlight, temperature changes and rain are not conducive to your furniture.


If you want your guests to enjoy a good freshly baked dish, don't forget to put a napkin or a placemat to protect from the heat.


Epoxy resin is strong, durable and long-lasting, but you don't have to throw heavy objects on the table, don't cut it with a knife, and don't drag metal products with sharp edges, so as not to damage the wood or the epoxy.


Avoid using acetone, alcohol, hairspray or other harsh chemicals on natural wood and epoxy products.


Rub with a damp microfiber cloth, then dry. Do not use abrasive brushes. If food is spilled, it must be removed immediately!